PCS Season Is Almost Here

Well, the time is almost upon us where we move and go to a different base, this time we’ll be headed to……GERMANY! Jesse and I are so excited! We really don’t have much time to prepare. He comes home from deployment about 30 days prior to our PCS date and that is SO TERRIFYING because […]

Can 2020 Get Worse? Maybe…

After deciding to come back to the blogging world, things got turned a little upside down for our family. I’ve been away for a little bit and here’s why. Jesse is now deployed, and I had a rather rough 3 months. For half of September and all of October I had been feeling like I […]

Weekends Are Our Favorite

Much like the title says, Weekends are our absolute favorite time of the week. Jesse doesn’t work, the kids want to be outside, we usually grill and just relax. Our tiny swimming pool has pretty much been the highlight of summer for the girls. We leave it out all day and the sun make the […]

Well, Hi There!

It’s been a long time, a year to be exact, since I even considered writing a blog post here. Whew. You might notice the URL is a bit different. I moved my blog over to so my domain kind of forwards over here to it. I hate the link that shows, but whatever. 2020 […]

In Loving Memory of Debi Hansen

I have absolutely no words to describe the pain I felt when I learned my mom had passed away. She wasn’t supposed to died this young. She was supposed to watch my girls grow up. She was supposed to attend their graduations from high school and college, and she was supposed to see them grow […]

1 Year Construction Warranty

It took some time, but Jesse and I went through the house and tried to find all of the drywall nail pops/drywall issues and anything else that was covered by our 1 year construction warranty to put on our list of items to fix. Most of it was just small nail pops but we have […]

4th of July Weekend

What a great 4th of July Weekend it has been! We’ve had tons of activities going on and I’m exhausted, but I wanted to share what we’ve been up to lately. I do want to mention that I’ve been absent for a while from the blog because my mom passed away on June 9th. I’ll […]

1 Year In!

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since we’ve been in our home. It feels like yesterday that we moved in. There’s been some major changes in the development that I want to share. If you can’t tell, we FINALLY have neighbors on both sides! The house on the left JUST closed. Unfortunately, […]

Life Challenges & Banana Splits

This year has been full of challenges so far, which is why I haven’t been working on the blog. My mom has ended up in the hospital with a softball sized lump in her lymph nodes (neck). They gave her a round of chemo, all her hair fell out, and after 2 weeks in the […]

Here Comes Fall!

Ahhh Fall. My very favorite time of year. The weather cools down, the leaves start changing colors, and PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING!!! I really love decorating and getting things all jazzed up for the holiday. Instead of doing something super creepy on the inside, I went for a basic fall theme. I love using pumpkins all […]


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