Appeasing Picky Toddlers

Eating Breakfast
Rylie Eating Breakfast

Do you find that you have a picky toddler when it comes to food?

I do. 

It’s rather infuriating sometimes.

I try to provide a wide variety of foods for her to eat so she gets used to not having the same thing over and over, but sometimes, the old reliable just needs to kick in.

When you find a food they love, you want to keep it on hand, at all times.

We learned a few months ago that Rylie LOVES all forms of sausage. Kielbasa, breakfast sausage, chicken sausage, brats…you get the gist.

So what does she get for dinner most often if we’re having something spicy or that we think she won’t like? Sausage.

Sometimes, you just have to appease your picky toddler.

The same goes for breakfast and lunch.

Hey, if I can get my toddler to eat something other than crunchies and cheerios, I’ll take it.

The one thing I’ve learned to do to introduce new foods to Rylie, is to giver her old reliable and 1 new food. Last night, we introduced her to broccoli. Guess what? She loved it!

It might have had something to do with the fact that I cooked the broccoli in chicken bouillon and garlic.

But hey, she tried it and then ate a good amount of it so that’s all that matters!




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