The End of Co-Sleeping

With PCS’ing comes some givens. With a toddler, it means getting a new room.

Until we received our stuff, Rylie was sleeping with us. It was just easier to have her lay down next to me on the floor (yes, the floor!) than trying to get her to lay down on the floor in her room by herself.

So once our stuff came in, we had to remove the new habit we had created by letting her sleep with us, and thus she got to nurse at night whenever she wanted.

Talk about tiring this mamma out!

crib in new room
Building Rylie’s crib in her new room.

Jesse had quite the job of building the crib. We debated about doing a Montessori style bed and just putting the mattress on the floor, but that wasn’t going to work out at all for us. She would just come right out, and I do not want to have that fight with her. She needed to re-learn how to sleep in her crib.

confused face
What do you mean I gotta sleep in this again?!

This was her face when I told her she was going to be sleeping on her own again. She clearly thought I had grown 4 heads.

crib almost finished
The crib is almost finished

For a while she was super interested in what daddy was doing, then she started playing with toys and trying to grab my DSLR from me.

crib finished
After the crib was done, she wanted to get in!

But once it was completed, she wanted to get inside. So of course, I obliged.

inside crib
Inside her crib, altho she wasn’t quite sure what to think.

She hung out in the crib for a few minutes and then wanted out. I think she knew what was coming and decided she could wait until that night to be in her crib.

CIO night 9
Sleeping in her bed, night 9.

It’s been 9 days since she’s been in her crib and she’s doing so much better. Of course, we did have to add pipe insulation to her crib because she was trying to climb out and ended up bruising her knee pretty badly by sticking it out of the railings and then getting it stuck.

I will say this, we had to CIO a bit with her. Overall, it’s been an awesome transition and we’re all sleeping a lot better now since we got our furniture (most specifically our beds) from TMO.


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