September Stylebox by Jamberry

I am in no way affiliated with Jamberry. I’m just a customer that loves Jamberry and pays for a monthly subscription box. 

For a while now I’ve had a huge crush on Jamberry Nail Wraps.

As someone who absolutely hates the stink of regular nail polish, these are the ideal alternative to getting my nails done. Better yet, I can do them in my own home, when I have the time (because I usually end up having to chase a 1.5 year old around).

My September Stylebox by Jamberry came in the mail yesterday and I just HAD to put the new wraps on my nails.

Stylebox by Jamberry

Jamberry really chose a fun design and gradient for this box.

stylebox insert
September Stylebox Insert

Unfortunately I didn’t get such a great picture of the nail wraps in the packaging. But they came with a nail file and orange stick.

To apply the nail wraps, there are some things you need. A heat tool like the Jamberry Heater or a blow dryer/heat embossing tool will work. Also, some sort of nail cleaning solution, like alcohol wipes or a ph bond will do. And make sure to push back those cuticles!

heater and bag
The Jamberry heater and accessories bag.

Once you apply your nail wraps, apply a cuticle oil and then your nails are set!

My nails all done, this design is called
My nails all done

Beautiful aren’t they? I already received a compliment on them today at my optometrists office.

Have you ordered from Jamberry? Do you love your nail wraps? Having trouble? Post in the comments below!


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