Childhood Memories

When I bought my daughter her first cabbage patch doll, I wasn’t aware of what childhood memories would come rushing back to me.

Rylie’s Cabbage Patch Doll

Just the smell alone triggered memories of playing cabbage patch dolls with my cousin and fighting over why she got the blonde doll and I got the brunette doll, and other times when I carried my doll around everywhere and fed it fruit and veggies.

baby doll love
Rylie with her baby doll.

The cabbage patch doll smell is just something that stays with you, you know? They all have that baby powder scent that I think all girls (and mothers) love.

Why is it that they have to smell SO good?

Rylie hugging her baby doll.

I hope that Rylie loves the smell just as much as I do, and will remember memories of playing cabbage patch dolls with us when she has a daughter of her own to give one to.


11 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  1. I have three brothers and one year for christmas she bought me an easy bake oven, and my two little brothers cabbage patch dolls. Not sure what she was trying to say…love your post! haha


  2. I remember those well because they were the rage when they came out. Everyone wanted one and kids fell in love with them. Such a sweet memory and pictures of your daughter.


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