WITL: September 15th-21st

Last week was jam packed full of stuff going on. Not only did Jesse go back to work after a month off, but we had his parents visiting, along with our 4th anniversary.

Jesse’s parents came on Tuesday and we decided to barbecue that evening for dinner. Jesse’s been on a huge grilling kick, which he’s getting sad about since it’s now getting cold here in Ohio.

Flame from the grill.

Wednesday was Jesse’s first official day back to work, so that morning Rylie and I hung out with his parents and didn’t really do a whole lot. Jesse did come home for lunch so it did break up the day nicely and it didn’t really feel like he was at work much (I love staff jobs!).

That evening we went out to celebrate our 4th anniversary, and his parents watched Rylie. We went to a great pub restaurant and had some great food. The appetizers were to die for! As a side note, why do I always want to say “Appeteezers?”I like The Big Bang Theory…so sue me.

Appetizers before our dinner.

After our dinner we went to see The Guardians of the Galaxy. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, I won’t spoil it. I will say this, it’s such a great movie!!! I had tears in a few spots too. I highly recommend that you go see it.

Afterwards we came home, put Rylie to bed, and headed to bed ourselves.

Thursday Jesse’s parents had to leave, so we had lunch with them at Piada (think Chipotle, but with Italian food) and then later on I picked up my new glasses.

Friday was relatively uneventful but Saturday we went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival and had a great time. I went there first dressed casually…

2 beers and a parade going behind me.

and then decided that I needed something better to wear…

ren garb
Don’t I look so much better in this?

Ahhh much better. The only thing was, holy crap do corsets make it hard to breath…or eat. I was happy to take it off  once we were done at the festival.

We also learned a very valuable lesson while at the festival, bring a jogging stroller. Seriously, it probably would have made our lives 100 times easier. But oh well, Rylie had a good time, I think.

Sunday was spent grocery shopping and coming home to a house without power (there was a car accident) so Rylie and I decided to take some selfies.

btc shirts
We’re twins in our BTC t-shirts!

What did you do last week?


11 thoughts on “WITL: September 15th-21st

  1. What a cool dress! You look amazing in it! And sounds like you had a lovely week. I haven’t seen the Guardians of the Galaxy yet. But I really want to see it. And I’m a huge Big Bang Theory fan too 🙂


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