I Will Not Hover

Because I love you, my daughter, I will not hover.


I will let you explore, dig in the dirt, get your feet wet, and get messy.

I want you to feel the bark of a tree, smell the beautiful scent of flowers, and run your hands through the grass.


I want you to explore the outdoors on your own terms.

Instead of hovering, I will keep a watchful eye from the deck and if you do need my help, call to me.


I can be in the background, just watching, or I can be right there with you, holding your hand if you need me to.

Know this, dear daughter of mine, your journey is your own.



20 thoughts on “I Will Not Hover

  1. I LOVE this! Yes! Let’s agree to allow our children to explore and to make their own mistakes. Our job is to make our children feel secure to explore the world around them and I love that you are giving them their freedom. PS. I also love the photo filters.


  2. Love this! Sometimes I am a total hoverer and this is a great reminder to step back. Its funny because I thought it would get easier as they got older, but I find myself hovering most over my oldest… especially at school stuff and homework stuff. I forget sometimes that’s its okay to sit back and let them make mistakes and discover things on their own.


  3. I would love to be able to experience having children. Since I haven’t lucked in that area yet, I am enjoying watching my nieces & nephew.


  4. Love this post! She looks so adorable. We also sit with our daughters and allow them to play in their own way as they wish, and it is the real fun you could enjoy.


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