Casual Fall Outfit

The first day of Fall was this past Tuesday, and this is by far my favorite season of them all.

I love all things pumpkin, and I LOVE Halloween.

One thing I wanted to do for Fall, was create a really comfortable, casual outfit. It’s centered around  a beautiful Orange Knitted Midi Cardigan.

Fall Casual Outfit


I am absolutely IN LOVE with the pumpkin pie necklace and I must purchase it ASAP!

The skinny jeans are a bit on the expensive side, but you can get the equivalent at Target for less than $40. Gotta love those skinny jeans!

I also chose an ankle cut boot from Just Fab that is a great price, and it’s just different enough to work with the outfit.

Do you love the outfit? What would you change about it? Tell me below in the comments and pin it as well if you like!


14 thoughts on “Casual Fall Outfit

  1. I LOVE that outfit & that is so something I would wear!! That necklace is adorable & I love that the boots’ heels aren’t so high that I would break my neck in them! I really need to invest in some shoes other than my Nike Tennis shoes! That’s all I ever wear! I wouldn’t mind being “more stylish.”


    1. Isn’t it just adorable?! I actually bought it last night and in the description it said it actually smells like pumpkin pie! I think it’s going to fuel a lot of pumpkin cravings.


  2. That is so cute! I love the little pumpkin pie necklace – except I think it would make me seriously hungry for pumpkin pie, LOL. Fall is my favorite too! The leaves, the crisp air, the baking and the cozy sweaters! YAY!


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