October Jamberry Stylebox

I am in no way affiliated with Jamberry. I’m just a customer that loves Jamberry and pays for a monthly subscription box. 

Ok, I’ll admit it. I was extremely excited to get this month’s Stylebox and then was slightly disappointed when there weren’t any holiday wraps in it.

I might have cried a bit. 

Or that might be a slight exaggeration of what happened.

October’s Stylebox is called “Back To Basics” and as always, the nail wraps are adorable!

October Jamberry Stylebox
Jamberry Back to Basics Stylebox Contents

Like the last 2 boxes I’ve received, I received 2 nail wrap sheets and a nail file. This time around instead of an orange stick, I received a Bonus sheet of clear nail wraps and some design decals.

Bonus Item
October Stylebox Bonus Item

I’ll have to play around with the decals to see what I like. Most likely I’ll use the decals to accent the ring finger nail or the big toe nail.

Sprinkled Jamberry Wraps
Jamberry Nail Wraps called Sprinkled.

These are probably my favorite from this Stylebox. Sprinkled was a nail wrap I really wanted to try but had it on the “wish list” because I was wanting a few others before it (primarily the Pumpkin Spice and some other Holiday ones) so I’m really glad this was in the box this month.

The other wrap is a Green and White Stripe, and boy is it purty! I’ll probably use this as an accent nail only, or maybe on my feet. I’ll have to really see once it’s on if it is for me.

Peppermint Patty Nail Wraps
Green and White Striped Jamberry Nail Wraps

Overall, I really love the color choices for the wraps. I love anything blue, turquoise, and green and I think these will go with a lot of clothing that I have in my wardrobe right now. I’ll do an update once I put them on (currently I’m giving my nails a little love and TLC with a nail strengthening treatment) and let you know what I REALLY think of them.

If you would like to receive a Stylebox by Jamberry, just go to their website and sign up!!

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