Planner Hype!

Can I confess something to everyone?

I spent a fortune on a planner I don’t even use.

empty planner
See, it’s so empty!

I’m so ashamed!

I thought it would solve all my problems, get me organized, magically solve my writers block I occasionally get, etc.

But of course, it didn’t. 

I worked with the planner for about a month before I realized “Yup, this one isn’t for me.”

Thankfully, I recently just found a really great Blogger Planner from Mama Miss that I plan on using. Her 2015 planner is in the works, but I was checking out her 2014 planner/mid year 2015 planner and it’s EXACTLY what I want. Not only does it include a daily blog maintenance sheet, but it also includes a menu planner, seasonal theme ideas, and a monthly calendar.

This is a blog planner I can get behind!

The best part is, her 2014-15 Mid-Year All-Inclusive Calendar, Planner, and Menu Bundle only costs $8.99!

One thing to be aware of, fellow bloggers, is it’s in PDF form. You will need to go to Staples, Office Max, etc to get it bound if you wish. She has instructions on exactly how she bound hers and what she used so you can get the exact look she did.

Hello for saving a ton of money and getting the planner that WILL work for me! Finally!

Is there a planner out there that you LOVE and use religiously? Share it with me in the comments below!

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