Brick Rash

Nothing prepared me for that dreaded moment yesterday.

Rylie wanted to go outside while my husband made lunch for us. So I opened the door to our backyard and she ran out onto the deck.

Usually she’s pretty good about slowing down and taking her time to get down the steps.

This time, not so much.

She went head first down onto the bricks at the bottom, and now has what I like to call “brick rash” on her face. Pretty much exactly like road rash, but caused by brick.

brick rash
Rylie’s brick rash.

She cried hard,  but only for 30 seconds and then she was whimpering on and off for a few minutes.

I never understood it when parents said that they felt like they were watching it in slow mode, until yesterday.

I too experienced that slow mode, of where you realize what is going to happen, but yet you can’t get to your kiddo in time.

And then of course, came the guilt. I should have carried her out and set her down in the grass instead of letting her go on the deck.

I know it’s not my fault, and I can’t change what happened, but boy do I feel bad about it.

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