PL: Week 45

Boy, have I been in a crafting mood lately. I’ve been practicing “script painting” with Gouache and have started 2 mini albums along with my project life weekly spreads. Talk about crafting overload. I’m also taking a few classes online. One is for a mini album I’m doing on Gratitude. I haven’t really started yet, but I’ve been reading the lesson worksheets and have been watching the videos when I have time (aka during nap time) and have at least put together my mini 3×4 card album (picked out the cards, punched them all, put them on a ring).

One of the main things I did yesterday was my PL Week 45 spread. I apologize in advance, there aren’t a whole lot of pics for this one. We’ve had horrible weather this weekend and I just didn’t have the greatest light to take enough pictures.

Project Life Week 45 at Shasta Speaks
Project Life Week 45

At first, I was only going to do a single side for this week, but as I started printing out my pictures I realized I was going to need  2 pages. I’ve been debating about going down to a Mini Album next year, but until they come out with a 9 x 12 album, I’ll probably just stick to 12 x 12. I know some people have cut down a 12 x 12 to a 9 x 12, but I don’t trust myself to do it right.

Project Life Week 45 at Shasta Speaks
Embellishments from Freckled Fawn.

I think this is my favorite part of the layout. Rylie was having a bad day, and the elements from Freckled Fawn just fit perfectly.

Project Life Week 45 at Shasta Speaks
Simple Embellishments on photographs.

Another part of the layout I really like. I tried to, again, make things super simple and easy. I feel like once I start thinking about it too much, I end up not wanting to do it anymore.

I’ll be back later in the week to share the beginnings of my mini album!


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