PL Week 46

Last week was pretty standard as far as everything goes. I had a hair cut, received my Studio Calico and Freckled Fawn kits of the month, bought a new vacuum cleaner, WoW’s expansion came out, and we took a trip to Ikea for some new furniture.

Project Life Week 46 at Shasta Speaks
Project Life Week 46 Spread

Studio Calico’s monthly kit had this great title card for November that I decided to use for my week 46 spread. I love how simple it is, and all I had to add was some sticker alphas/numbers.

Week 46 Title Card at Shasta Speaks
Title Card for Week 46, from Studio Calico

I decided to use the alphas from the Freckled Fawn monthly kit to spell out the word “clean” since I documented what my new vacuum looks like. I was a teeny bit excited to get a new vacuum. And as a side note, it’s such an awesome vacuum!

Freckled Fawn alphas on photo along with Studio Calico card.

I thought this was incredibly cute of Rylie. She was watching Tinker Bell on Disney Jr and decided to lay down and put her feet up on the entertainment center. Since that day she’s been doing this A LOT. The clear sticker on the bottom is from the Freckled Fawn November kit.

silly Rylie
Photo of Rylie watching Tinker Bell.

In the middle of the week, World of Warcraft’s newest expansion came out, Warlords of Draenor. Both Jesse and I each bought a copy and are currently having a lot of fun playing. It seems like no matter how much I say “I’m quitting this game!”, I always come back for each expansion. Also seen is the “Be you tiful” card from Studio Calico’s November Kit. I added a tiny bit of sparkle to it to make it stand out a bit.

Warlords of Draenor
Capturing the release of the WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor.

Saturday we decided to have breakfast at Panera before hitting the road and going to Ikea. I added a clear sticker from Freckled Fawn’s November kit to the picture I took of the outside of Panera. The middle card was what I had for breakfast, their sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. I tried experimenting with a stamp that said “Nom” but it came out pretty light. Also, I didn’t realize how much clear stamps stick to photos. There’s also a journal card from Studio Calico’s kit that says Up & At Em. I thought it was pretty perfect!

Panear Breakfast
Breakfast at Panera before going to Ikea.

Finally, a picture of a part of our purchase at Ikea (4 Lerhamn chairs) along with the receipt. I used a simple paperclip and tag from Studio Calico.

Ikea Receipt
Part of our Ikea purchases, with the receipt.

There you have it. Week 46 done and in all of its simplistic glory. I’m still trying to get the borders right on the photos, my Canon Pixma printer is a bit older and finicky and sometimes the borders come out all funky.


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