PL Week 49

This week I tried something a little different and did a 9×12 digital layout. Most of my supplies came from The LilyPad (full list of items used is at the bottom of this post).

PL Week 49 at Shasta Speaks
9×12 Project Life digital page

Overall, I’m really surprised at how much I liked this layout compared to the 12×12 design A template I was using all year. I made my own template for this in Photoshop CS and I think it’s pretty awesome. I might change it up a bit to make the last 2 pockets a full 4×6 since I found myself really wanting another 4×6 as I was scrapping with it.

I absolutely love the kit that I used for week 49’s layout. I find myself going towards the digital PL more and more every week, which is NOT a bad thing. Well, it kind of is seeing as how I have about 3 more months left before I can cancel my SC subscription so I have a TON of stuff for Project Life that I could be using but haven’t. I’m actually not sure what to do with all that stuff. Sell it? Give it away to a friend I know who will use it? UGH!

Anyways, here’s the kits I used:

Memory Pockets Monthly Joy

 A Season To Remember Pocket Cards

December Storyteller Kit 2014


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