Storytelling 2/52 for Project52
She’s getting so big!

Yesterday I realized what a big girl my baby is getting to be. She can now reach the lock on the door to the backyard. A lot of things were running through my mind. She’s not so little anymore, and my baby is slowly growing up and becoming a feisty little lady.

If she doesn’t get her way, she’ll let you know exactly what she thinks about that. It usually involves a temper tantrum, complete with kicking, throwing her toys, and whining. When I was shooting this picture, I was trying to get her to just look out the window at the snow, which ended up with her trying to open the lock so she could go outside. When I told her that we couldn’t go outside just then (because it was raining/snowing and FREEZING) she decided that she was going to throw the most epic fit ever. It wasn’t her normal tantrums, but was something more. I know she’s been super annoyed with the fact that she can’t run around outside right now, and I hate that she’s been getting cabin fever, but right now I don’t want her getting sick.

Then it hit me, I need to do more to occupy her time. We’ve been too reliant on her just doing her own thing, and I haven’t been providing a whole lot in the way of learning lately. I got too relaxed in a routine that I had established when she was younger. That routine doesn’t cut it now that she’s a toddler and is learning, growing, and NEEDING my help and guidance. If you are a mom to a toddler, I would love to hear about your daily schedule for your kiddo. What do you do daily? What do you do to keep them busy and entertained?


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