Boundless Maxi Dress Review

Boundless Maxi Dress by Shasta Speaks
Boundless Maxi Dress from Patterns for Pirates

For whatever reason, I’ve been loving maxi dresses lately. They are so comfortable and I really like the boho feel they give me. It may also be that my daughter, Rylie, has been going through a dress phase and it’s rubbing off on me. Either way…I love them!

Starting a few months ago, I’ve been sewing clothing for myself and Rylie. I was trying to get some experience in before I tried making my Renaissance dress (that I haven’t started yet, oops!) for the Ren Faire this year. I realized something, I loved sewing. Before this, I had only really sewed up stuff for Rylie, like burp cloths, crib sheets, and quilts. I didn’t have any experience with sewing up clothing AT ALL.

Let me admit something, I was horrible at first. But with practice, I got better and better. I’ve made quite a few tops for myself, a few items for Rylie (pants, shirts, dresses, undies), and decided the other day that I really wanted to make a few maxi dresses.

It was great time, to be honest. Patterns for Pirates came out with it’s new pattern, the Boundless Knit Dress. As the testers started posting all their photos of the dress (most of them being the maxi version of the dress), I fell in love with it. I HAD to have it. What is even better, is it was on sale for $6(and still is until tonight).

Boundless Maxi by Shasta Speaks
Knit fabric from Girl Charlee Fabrics

I had the PERFECT knit fabric for this pattern too. Girl Charlee had released some gorgeous floral fabric recently and I had splurged and snagged them up, not really knowing what I was going to do with them. So once I bought the dress pattern, I printed it out, taped it together, and cut out all my fabric and started sewing.

The Boundless pattern is super easy to follow and execute. In about an hour (with bathroom break, kiddo interruptions, hubby interruptions, etc) it was complete and I had a beautiful new maxi dress! I’ll definitely be making more of these!!

I just want to mention here that I was not paid to review this pattern, and bought the pattern with my own money!

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