To My Unborn Baby

To My Unborn Baby,

While you are in my womb, and currently with a very slow heartbeat, I feel the need to write to you. To tell you how much I love you and I think about you every day. I know in a few short weeks, you might not be with me any longer, and it breaks my heart. I’ve been preparing for the day I lose you, because I know it’s probably going to happen. See, I have a balanced reciprocal translocation, which means that most of the time when I get pregnant, it will end in a miscarriage. I got very lucky once, with your big sister. She made it, and is my miracle baby…and I really wanted that for you too. It looks as if God might have other plans for you. I love you with all of my heart and soul, and I want you to know that I’ll think of you every day that I’m alive…just like the other 5 babies I’ve lost. I hate that I will probably never be able to hear you cry, snuggle you close, change your diaper, breastfeed you, and read to you. Just know that I love you so much. I’ll keep praying for a miracle and cherishing every day I have with you.

With all my love,


One thought on “To My Unborn Baby

  1. I don’t want to edit the original post, but on 10/13/15 ultrasound confirmed baby no longer had a heartbeat and on 10/16/15 I had a D&C.


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