Thanking our Veterans with Great Clips

Veterans Day 1

How do you truly thank a veteran for their service? With Veteran’s Day coming up, I pondered this question. I know my husband, a veteran, doesn’t like it when someone makes a big deal out of him serving our country. He gets bashful and says “he’s just doing his job.”

Husband, Jesse (left), in Afghanistan 2011.
Husband, Jesse (left), in Afghanistan 2011.

To me, his service, is a big deal. He’s been on 3 tours in the 5 years we’ve been married. He’ll probably be deployed many more times until he decides to retire. So, how do I thank him for all he’s done? We could bake him cupcakes, we could make him a card, or we could take him out for lunch. All of these ideas are great, but I felt like I needed something better.

Summer heat is not so nice in Afghanistan. (2011)
Summer heat is not so nice in Afghanistan. (2011)

Then, as I started to think about it more, I realized I support him every day. I make sure things are taken care of on the homefront. I take care of all the issues so that he doesn’t have to worry about anything besides doing his job and staying safe while deployed. Oh, and sending a monthly care package of stuff he and his buddies could use.

If you aren’t related or know a Veteran, there are some great Volunteer programs that help Veterans. Here are my top 3.

Honor Flight: This organization flies veterans to Washington, DC for a day of reflection at their memorials. Top priority is given to senior veterans and terminally ill veterans. When you volunteer for Honor Flight, you are mostly either sending the veterans off from the airport, or greeting them on their arrival home. It’s a big deal to them, and the OSC here at Wright Patterson goes every November for the last Honor Flight to greet them home.

Wounded Warrior Project: You can donate or volunteer for various events hosted by Wounded Warrior Project (Tough Mudder, youth events, etc).

On Behalf: This organization helps veterans with things they might need, from a phone, to business services, to helping them get discounts for certain items. You can become an advocate, donate money, or offer your expertise if you have a business.

thumbnail of Thank a Veteran with Great Clips

This Veteran’s Day, Great Clips is offering free haircuts to veterans. Also, if you go in and get a haircut (and you aren’t a veteran) you can get a free haircut card to give to a veteran you know. If you don’t know if there is a Great Clips near you, you can use their salon locator.

One thought on “Thanking our Veterans with Great Clips

  1. Our Great Clips closed, which is a shame both because it was a great place to get your hair cut and because of this! I’ve never heard of Honor Flight or On Behalf, those sound like great organizations along with Wounded Warrior Project – something I definitely plan on donating to.
    Thank you, Jesse.


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