First Herb Garden

I did something so incredibly weird and out of the norm for me that I think my need to nurture is basically running amok and challenging my brain.

I bought some starter herb plants and made an herb “garden”.

herb garden
Chives, Oregano, Italian Parsley, and Sweet Basil

It’s not really a garden, I just have basil, oregano, parsley, and chives that are in pots on a table on the deck.

Seriously, it’s nothing really. But oh my, is it everything.

garlic chives
Garlic Chives, which are so tasty!

For those of you who know me well, you know that I kill plants. Usually very, very quickly. I usually tell people NOT to get me flowers because I can’t keep them alive long enough.

Very young greek oregano, which will hopefully grow very very big!

So, why an herb garden?? Well here’s the thing, I love to cook. I like fresh herbs. You put two and two together and it just seems like a good thing to start doing.

italian parsley
Young Italian Parsley, which is under a bit of stress but it should be ok now that I’ve babied it.

There’s nothing better than making Chicken Piccata and adding some FRESHLY CUT FROM YOUR GARDEN Italian Parsley to the butter sauce. I mean, it’s just amazing. And the smell…oh my lord.

sweet basil
Beautiful sweet basil that is just so wonderful and smells amazing!

If you are wanting to up your cooking game, seriously look into starting a small herb garden. We did need to buy the pots, potting soil, and the plants (which came out to $100 or so) but it was such a great investment. I definitely plan on adding some great food posts onto the blog featuring herbs from my herb garden!!


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