Hello Second Trimester!

I’m officially in the second trimester! Hooray!!

14 weeks pregnant with baby #2!
14 weeks pregnant with baby #2!

I’ve been feeling great lately except for some round ligament pain, stomach pain, and one weird day of dizziness.

I still barely have a bump, even though I’ve been wearing maternity shirts, since they are extremely comfortable.

My next appointment with the OB’s on base is at 16 weeks, which is extremely odd for me. I’m used to going every 4 weeks, and it’s going to be 6 weeks between visits there.  BUT, I’m looking forward to scheduling the anatomy ultrasound, even though I’m having my elective ultrasound on July 7th.

I’m feeling the baby move more and more now. I love that distinct fluttering feeling that you get when the baby moves around a lot. It’s great that I’m feeling the baby early this time around. It makes me feel that much better about the pregnancy and how things are progressing.

I’m craving healthy things like fruit and veggies, get nauseated when I eat meat products, and overall have a completely horrible reaction to chocolate which is crazy since I LOVE chocolate.

Anyone else have any weird first/second trimester cravings?


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