Weekly Mani: The Perfect Nude

I absolutely LOVE nail polish.

I have quite the collection between OPI, Essie, and Julep. And boy, do I love a colorful nail polish.

But one of the best things is a perfect nude nail polish.

essie nude beach
Essie’s Nude Beach Nail Polish.

Essie’s Nude Beach is that color for me. I know, it’s been around for quite a while, but I just LOVE it.

I chose it as this week’s Weekly Mani because I had been wearing pretty, bright, crazy colors for a while and I wanted something different.

It has the perfect amount of shimmer, and in the sun….my lord is it stunning.

Essie Nude Beach
Essie’s beautiful Nude Beach in the sun.

I’m going to rock this color this week, and next week’s mani will be 4th of July inspired!!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Mani: The Perfect Nude

    1. It’s hard for me not to want to change my nail polish as soon as it first starts to chip! I am already itching to get my 4th of July manicure done!


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