15 Week Pregnancy Update

Let’s talk a little about my 15th week of pregnancy.

15 weeks pregnant
Side view of baby bump, 15 weeks

HELLO 2nd trimester!!! And hello little baby bump!

Baby is the size of a pear, and is about 4 inch, 2.5 oz or so.

It’s so amazing how fast they grow. In and out of the tummy.

baby bump
Front view of the baby bump, plus my 4th of July shirt.

For the most part, my week went really well. The morning sickness is calming down and things are getting easier.

I’m definitely not as tired as I was in the first trimester.

I’ve had some cramping, but it’s been extremely mild and uneventful.

It’s mostly bloating, gas, and just being uncomfortable while my uterus stretches to make room for baby.

I’ve felt movements on and off due to an anterior placenta. Hopefully it will move quickly!

I had an ultrasound at the end of the week, and we do know the gender…but we’re not announcing just yet. We’re waiting for our official anatomy scan so we don’t have any “Ooops!” moments.

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