We’re Having A….

Talk about a much awaited post huh? I’ve been MIA for a load of reasons, most of which I can’t really discuss on here yet due to legal reasons. As much as I want to talk about some things, I just can’t. It’s really unfortunate…but one thing I can say, is Rylie is no longer going to daycare full time.

With that being said, I guess I should spill the beans on what we’re having this second time around.


It’s a GIRL!!!!

We’ve named her Taryn Marie, and we’re so in love already.

At our 19 week and again at 23 week ultrasound there was fluid in her kidney, so we’re watching it. She might need a specialist when she’s born, depending on if the blockage goes away or not before then. We’re crossing our fingers that everything works out before her birth. I’ll have my next growth scan at 32 weeks (or so) and I’m 28 weeks currently…so I’ll keep everyone posted. Prayers would be helpful!!

Other than that, she’s been one active baby in there. She moves a ton and really liked hearing the sound of her sister’s voice. Rylie has been so cute and will come up and kiss my belly and say hi to Taryn, and Taryn will kick and wiggle around. I think she’s going to be absolutely smitten with her big sister when she arrives.

Over the next week or two I’ll write about our vacation to Syracuse/Adirondacks and will be posting a ton of pictures, so please check back soon!!!

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