34 week Pregnancy Update

I haven’t been good about updating the blog, and for that I apologize. Life hits hard. We had a scare with Taryn a few weeks ago where they thought there was an umbilical cord varix (swelling at the umbilical cord entry site to her tummy) and so we needed to have a level 2 ultrasound. One good thing that came from that, is we got an adorable 4D view of Taryn, and she’s SO ADORABLE!

Here's our adorable Taryn!
Here’s our adorable Taryn!

The picture is super grainy, but you get the idea. She had her face smooshed up against my cervix so it took a while to get a good picture of her. She has my lips, and I think she looks a lot like how Rylie did when she was born. I’m so ready to hold my squishy! We’ve got a few more weeks until she’s allowed to come though! The most important part, no problem with the umbilical cord! I was so scared and anxious when they told me there could be an issue, that I ordered a doppler for at home use.

I’m almost 35 weeks pregnant, and it’s starting to get REAL. We just got our Halo Bassinest in, and I can’t wait to put it together. It’s the new Premier Series Rose Leaf.  I also just had my baby shower on Thursday (thrown by some awesome OSC women) and we got so many things we needed, it was great!  Tons of sleepers, clothing items, pacis, etc. We still need a few items from off my registry (baby bath tub for instance) but we’re hoping to hit up some cyber monday deals to get the rest of the stuff. I keep debating about doing another Honest Company subscription, but I think we’ll just stick with Pampers Swaddlers even though I think they smell like buttered popcorn.

My hospital bag is already packed for the most part and ready to go. It’s interesting to see what I’m NOT packing this time around vs what I packed with Rylie’s birth. Since I’ll be attempting a VBAC (Taryn is head down!!!), it’s like I have a completely different bag. I’ll do a more in depth look at what’s in there soon (hopefully).

34 weeks pregnant

As far as what is going on in my pregnancy and how I’m feeling, I’m doing ok. I’m ready for December to be here already. Taryn is measuring 2 weeks ahead in her measurements, and she’s running out of room. It’s uncomfortable at times but I’ve been trying to relax and take it easy when I need to. I’ve been having practice contractions/BH contractions since the second trimester, and those irregular practice contractions have actually hurt a few times. It’s making me unsure of whether I can even do a natural birth or if I’ll end up getting an epidural. I know that my body can do it, it was made to do this, but I don’t handle pain well at all.

We have family photos this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get those uploaded for everyone to look at on Sunday! That’s about all for the update! I’ll try not to be so absent here in the future!!!

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