Time Moves Fast

I cannot believe it’s almost the end of February already. Taryn is 2 months old, Rylie will be turning 4 in March. Jesse deploys this summer. WHAT?!

Instead of PCSing this summer like we thought we would…he’s getting deployed for A YEAR.

I’m NOT happy about it. AT ALL.

BUT, life goes on. I have 2 girls that need me to be there for them so instead of throwing myself a pity party, I have to pull up my big girl panties and move on.

Things need to be cleaned, mouths need to be fed, baths need to be had.

There’s no time for crying (well, unless it’s after 10pm and I’m alone watching This Is Us).

I had the choice to move and be closer to either his parents or my mom. I decided to just stay put here in Ohio. Why would I want to move, only to then move again in a year? Noooo thankyou. I’m comfortable here, and I mostly like it here.

I’m just glad he’ll have 2 weeks of R&R. That will be very, very nice.


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