Taryn’s 6 Months Old

Ugh, just look at that smile! It melts my heart!

I cannot believe Taryn is 6 months old already.

The time has just flown by right in front of my eyes.

We haven’t had her doc appointment yet, but I bet she’s at least 17 lbs or so. Not sure on the length.

A few weeks ago we had a scary temperature of 104 after vaccines, but thankfully the ER was able to get her to keep the Tylenol down and her fever went away the next day.

Taryn is doing great rolling back to front and front to back.

She’s also trying to get more mobile, and is working on getting up on her knees. She can for a few seconds but then falls.

She is definitely teething and has been wanting to nurse more at night lately, especially since she’s also in a leap.

We’ve just started BLW, and it’s been a scary adventure so far. We need to get better about including her during meal time, since we got into the habit of eating dinner while she nursed to sleep.

If anyone has any good BLW tips, let me know in the comments!

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