I Turned How Old?!

June 23rd was my 33rd birthday.

Gosh, I feel so old.

Jesse took the entire week off to hang out with me and every day leading up to my birthday, he gave me a present.

First, on Monday, it was a small little “gag” gift in the form of a Warcraft Vinyl figure. I, of course, received Gul’dan.

Then for Tuesday I received some chocolate covered Oreos. I still haven’t tackled them all. Trying to pace myself, and with all the work I’m doing getting back into shape, I can’t chow down on them without feeling guilty.

Wednesday I received a security camera for our front door so I can see if we have packages waiting/etc.

Thursday I received wireless headphones, but unfortunately we had to send them back because they just were not comfortable and they kept getting static-y. That day we decided to go to Young’s Dairy for my free ice cream and to just walk around and see the animals.

Friday, my birthday, I received a new laptop cart. I know this may not seem like something super crazy interesting, but I love it. I’ve had a small laptop cart for a few years now that I used so much the wheel won’t stay on anymore, so the new computer cart was much needed. We keep it out in the living room because I can use it while Taryn is nursing so I can do blog posts, edit vlogs, etc.

I had such a great birthday this year. I’m sort of sad it’s over. I liked how pampered I was. :p


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