We Did A Thing!

So, we did a thing on Black Friday……

our plot!
The plot where our forever home will be!

We decided to build a home! I am so incredibly excited!

We are going with Inverness and we’re just so amazed at how quickly we fell in love with a home. We picked out Lot #9112 in Phase 2. Originally we were hoping to get a corner lot but we really wanted some specific upgrades in our home so we decided to forego the bigger lot in lieu of getting what we really wanted on the inside, which is what really matters, right?!

We went to the design center on Saturday before Jesse had to leave back to the middle east again to take a look at all of our options. It was pretty easy for us to pick out everything we wanted. I came in with an idea already of what I wanted and so we breezed on through most of the selections. We did spend quite a bit of time deciding on the color of brick and shingles we wanted, but everything else was super easy for us.

Next up is waiting on the approval of our loan application with their lender. We get $3000 off our closing costs (military promotion) if we use their lender, so we’re hoping he can get us a better deal than with USAA, but we’ll see.

As for the house we decided to go with…..we chose a Bentley!

bentley a

I’m so excited to have a little porch on the front of our home. We currently have one on our rental home, but there’s nothing to really SEE so we don’t sit out there much. The street that our home will be on faces the south-west which gives us a perfect view of the road and better yet, during 4th of July we’ll be able to see the fireworks REALLY well since the community park is just down the road from us where they shoot them off from and we face that direction!

I’m also excited to start the pre-construction meeting process, meet our construction lead, and just get this show on the road!

I’ll obviously be updating this throughout the process, with many many pictures to come!

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