Taryn’s 11 Month Update

I haven’t done a proper update on Taryn in quite a while, so I feel like the time has come. In 7 days she’ll be a year old and we’ve had some major ups and downs recently in regards to her.

First, I want to point out my frustration with the WPAFB Medical Center. Their pediatric residents are absolutely horrible and have no clue what they are talking about in regards to breastfeeding/weight gain & loss/etc. Taryn has lost a few ounces twice now (Jesse and I think it’s due to her becoming more mobile/how active she is) but they are pretty much to the point of freaking out and saying that something MUST be wrong with her. She had a follow up at 11 months and they told me to switch her to whole milk already because “at this point your breastmilk is basically just water and she’s not getting the calories she needs to grow”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Obviously, I paid no attention to their stupid advice. She has many wet diapers, isn’t acting like she’s starving, and has a very happy demeanor. She’s super active. She has a 4 year old sister to keep up with. She’s trying to walk on her own. Of course she’s going to loose a little weight. It’s a couple ounces….a good poop. These are residents that have no idea what they are talking about. Which is why after the new year I’m switching Taryn to standard. Heck, I might switch Taryn, Rylie, and myself all to standard so we don’t have to deal with the medical center at all anymore.

That being said, she’s hovering around 17 lbs. Her hydronephrosis in her left kidney is non-existent. The next time they (Dayton Children’s Hospital) want to see her is when she’s a year and a half. Pretty soon she’ll need to go in for her next audiology appointment for her year hearing appointment. It’s pretty standard, we don’t think she has a hearing issue. I’m a bad mom and can’t remember what her length is at the moment or her head circumference.

She was doing really well with BLW, and then all the weight stuff started to happen and WPAFB really wanted me to push purees. Now she’s sort of back stepped and won’t eat finger food much, so I’m still giving her stage 2 purees. Stage 3 she spits out. It’s absolutely aggravating, but I’m trying to not worry about stuff like this. As long as she’s showing interest in foods, im happy. And she is, just most of the time she throws the finger food because it’s fun to see it plop onto the splat mat. Little stinker.

I cannot believe my little baby is almost a year old. It feels like just yesterday I was waiting in anticipation for her arrival and getting freaked out about possibly having another c-section. She has lit our lives with so much joy, I can’t wait to see her grow into an adventurous little toddler.

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