Our Guardian Appointment

Let me preface this by saying, I was dreading this appointment. I’ve read quite a few blogs (mostly people building with Ryan Homes) and they all have varying levels of frustration with Guardian. Some had pleasant experiences, some….not so much.

I got everything ready by getting a copy of our floor plan and filling out their sheet with what we were interested in.

Then off to the appointment with my 2 girls in tow. We had the appointment at the model home, and with an 11 month old who wanted to climb the stairs repeatedly….well, it was chaos.

I ended up having to have the rep, Nate, talk to my husband on the phone (he’s overseas currently) to explain some things about their security system. Jesse, at first, didn’t understand their pricing and why it was so expensive per month. I REALLY wanted a hardwired security system, so I’m glad Nate and Jesse were able to talk and Nate really helped my husband understand the pricing better.

In the end we have the following: Preferred Builder Base Package, Edge Essential Pkg (Interactive), Free Promotional Smoke Detector, Standard Keypad (Alpha Display), Motion Detector, Control Panel, Siren, 3 Door Contacts, Standard Motion Detector, Smoke Communicator, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Outdoor Fixed Camera,  HD Video Doorbell, Smart Connections Premium Package w/Cat6 wiring, and flat panel tv pre-wire w/hdmi.

All that for $3k. We decided to not have it rolled into our mortgage, so we paid 30% today and will pay the rest after the house is done and they do setup for us after closing.

I left the appointment with a HUGE headache. It wasn’t Nate’s fault at all. Multiple factors played into the headache. Lack of caffeine, screaming baby, not having lunch, etc.

I’m really happy that we got the security system. One of the big reasons Jesse said yes to it was that after your contract is up, we own the equipment and if we want to change security providers, they will be able to use the equipment. Huge selling point there, and honestly I probably won’t want to change security providers….but who knows what is going to happen in 3 years. Also, for those of you military members they do have an active duty clause. If you have to move and you go somewhere they aren’t able to provide service for you, everything cancels and your contract ends.

No offense to Nate, but I’m SO GLAD to have this meeting done and over with. Now on to waiting for the blueprints to be done and everything to get approved before we can hold our pre-construction meeting.

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