Preschool Christmas Program

Last night Rylie’s school had their Christmas program. They had the preschoolers go first (early bedtimes and all) and they were ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. A few of the kids were super timid and didn’t even want to be up on the stage, and then there’s my daughter who wanted to grab the microphone and start singing into it. LOL. Before it started her teacher had to tell her not to grab it, because she was going to straight up take it off the stand and re-enact the movie Sing.

Rylie is on the very left end in the green and white. She literally towers over all the other kids. There’s only 1 boy that’s almost her height, which is pretty hilarious. I didn’t realize how tall she actually was compared to all the other kids. I now realize why she had so many hip problems last year…she was growing at a crazy rate!

They did such a great job. After they sang, the preschoolers were dismissed back to their parents and most of us made a mass exodus out of the church. I would have stayed to watch the bigger kids, but it was almost 7pm and we needed to get home, get fed, and get the kiddos off to bed.

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