Christmas 2017

This morning Taryn and I were up shortly before 0530. I think Taryn was excited for all the presents from Santa.

We had to go get Rylie at 0600 so that we could rip open into some presents. Since I was pretty in the moment, I had a blogger fail and didn’t even photograph the tree with all the presents under it.

I think Taryn was pretty overwhelmed with all the new toys. About halfway through trying to open a few of Rylie’s new toys, she was acting hungry (she bit me on my shoulder which hurt like a mother). I made the girls waffles for breakfast…which they didn’t even eat. Go figure.

The picture is at a weird angle, sorry about that! I think at this point, I was pretty irritated. I had been bitten by a teething 1 year old, and then my 4 year old was being picky to the max. She usually loves waffles (and she told me she wanted an orange) so then her not eating anything really sent me into a silent mommy rage. I think Rylie was just wanting to play with all her toys and wasn’t wanting to stop to eat.

This is another thing that sent me into silent mommy rage. These stupid things were hard to get off. I had to twist and twist and twist and after a good 3 minutes I took some utility scissors and snapped it off that way. My nails hurt from trying to open all these toys.

Rylie is opening one of her gifts.

Taryn playing with a newly unwrapped gift.

Overall, we had a good Christmas morning. I told Rylie since she didn’t eat that she couldn’t get anything in her stocking until after lunch…so her stocking is sitting there stuffed full, waiting for her to eat.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!


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