Pre-Construction Meeting

Today I had our pre-construction meeting with Jarrod (our super) and Susan at the model home at The Bluffs.

It took about 2 hours, including walking the lot and seeing where our house will be, etc.

I was not expecting to see stakes out on our lot, as just the other day there were none when I drove past. He got that done quick!!

The construction guys were plugging away framing a house across the street in 11 degree weather! THEY ARE CRAZY!

Everything was super detailed, and I have full confidence in our super that it’s going to go well. He made a point of making sure that if I have any concerns to bring it up right away so it can get fixed rather than waiting on it. He also mentioned that little dings and dents, broken windows, etc will happen and that they always make sure to fix them before our final walk-through and things like that aren’t super urgent when they are still in the thick of getting everything done.

I am keeping an eye on the weather like a hawk! It is so cold here in Ohio right now, but it looks like we should be in the 40’s by next weekend. We were slated to start the week of the 22nd, but since we’ve had such cold weather it’s delayed a house in front of us so we’ll most likely get pushed back a week or two. That also depends on the building permit coming through in a decent amount of time. Apparently, the head guy who does them for Inverness broke his foot, so here’s to hoping that we’ll still get started towards the end of the month….weather permitting.

When Jesse is back for his next R&R, we’ll be taking a trip to Cincinnati to pick out our granite slabs for the kitchen, and then Jesse will meet with the lender and the super to get acquainted and talk with them about things. We’ll also need to schedule a time to meet with Long Electric. We plan on only adding a couple items, so it shouldn’t take too long for that (a light in the flex room and an outlet under the ease on the front porch).

I feel like once everything gets started it will be a crazy whirlwind of excitement and anticipation. I can’t wait!!!

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