Breaking Ground Finally!!!

AHHH! They finally broke ground on the house on February 1st!!! I was waiting anxiously to hear if they were going to start because I knew our house was next on the list, but the weather hadn’t been looking that great and we had a small window of opportunity if they wanted to break ground before the next freeze/snow storms come rolling through. I got a text from Susan as I ended my Hangouts call with Jesse saying “THEY ARE DIGGING!! NO ONE TOLD ME!” I frantically texted her back saying “OMG YAY!” and then proceeded to rush through lunch so I could get the girls ready to go get footage of them digging.

There was another guy there doing something with the yellow pole for the lot next to ours, not sure exactly what that thing is for, but he asked me if it I was taking pictures of them digging to which I said “YES! I’M SO EXCITED!!”. He chuckled and congratulated me and I had the biggest grin ever.

Later that same night I decided to get McDonalds for dinner so we ended up visiting the lot again and I was SHOCKED at how much they had accomplished in just a few short hours.

I kind of figured they were going to be done there and wouldn’t be able to start back up for quite a while, but then something told me to stop by the lot today before picking up our Kroger order and I pulled up to this lovely sight.

I sent my husband a few pictures with “OMG HOLY CRAP! LOOK!!!!”

He of course won’t see them until he wakes up, but I’m sure he’ll be excited to see even more progress has been done on our house. I’m not sure how long this is going to take to set before they can start on the next phase, but I’m crossing my fingers that they have most of it completed by the time Jesse gets back for his next R&R so he can MAYBE be here for framing. FX!!!

We’ve set up our appointment with Long Electric and we’ve decided to add a few more items than we originally thought we wanted. I want AT LEAST 3 more electrical outlets in the basement, 1 outlet under the easement on the front porch, and 1 light in the flex room (dining room). We also need to go pick out our granite slabs in Cincinnati, so I think we’ll try to make a day of it and go visit the zoo or something while we are there.

There’s so much going on at The Bluffs, it’s pretty amazing. 2 lots down on the right from ours they are almost getting done with the foundation installation phase, and the house 3 lots down on the left they are getting their brick finally, which just so happens to be the same brick WE picked out. I’ve been dying to see how it looks on their house. I may have to go past there again on Monday to see if they’ve started it yet. They had it all outside today when I went by.

Susan has done a phenomenal job at keeping me up to date with everything. I have nothing but rave reviews for this entire process so far. All of section 2 is completely sold out and they opened section 4 recently. I think the majority of the buyers are a bit older than we are, but apparently there are some kids in the neighborhood, so that’s good! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on our street in the coming months!

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