We’re Well Underway!

I wasn’t sure this was even going to happen this month, but on February 16th I got a message from our community rep saying they were putting up the molds for the basement walls. I rushed down there to take a picture.

We’ve been waiting for this step. Once all this gets done and over with, we’ll start seeing an actual house go up. Susan wasn’t sure when they were going to pour the walls, but apparently it happened Saturday because I stopped by our lot today and I seen this.

I pulled up and seen HUGE tire tracks in our yard and cement on the ground (spills happen) so I jumped out of my car and snapped a quick picture. I really wanted to get a picture/video of them actually pouring it, but that’s ok.

This week we’re supposed to have nice weather with some rain mixed in, but the next step should be putting in the steel beams, plumbing, etc. Might be a few weeks before they pour the floor slabs and then we’ll be good to go for framing after any inspections that need to happen.

Meanwhile, a few houses over they finally had the brick placed onto their home (they have the same brick we will have) and I HAD to snap a picture for Jesse to see. It’s the only other house with our same brick choice so far, and I was dying to finally see it on a house and not just in the small sample at the design center. I’m LOVING our choice.

We’re moving right along!!! I’m very excited, and ready to move!!!

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