House Update

This week Jesse has been home from R&R and we had a meeting with Jarrod to discuss the house and just have a general meeting so Jesse could meet him. We learned we should most definitely be closing in June. This surprised me and I’m very excited that we’ll probably spend 4th of July in our new house. We went and filled out our POA so that I can close on the house on my own.

Here’s an update look at what is going on with our house.

On 2/20 the forms came off the basement walls.

On 2/21/2018 the concrete was sealed.

On 2/24/2018 they had dug a trench off the side of the house for plumbing.

And 2/27/2018 they were back-filling the lot with the dirt, filling in the trenches and the patio, and leveling out the garage with gravel. We also had our Long Electric appointment yesterday to add any additional outlets we wanted to our home. Came out of that with $880 in additions.

Next up will be the steel support beams going in and then hopefully the foundation.

Tomorrow we’re going to Cincinnati for the day to pick out our granite and we’re taking the kids to the aquarium there. Should be a fun day!

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