More Updates

I’ve been bad at updating recently, but I had a good reason. Jesse was home from R&R again and we had a jam packed 2 weeks of things to do. Between our Long Electric appointment, picking out our granite, celebrating Rylie’s birthday…’s been pretty exhausting but fun. I was so sad to see Jesse go back overseas, but we’re on the last leg of our year apart, and with our house being built it’s going to keep me busy.

On March 1st, we had our granite appointment, which was literally 5 minutes long. We went in there, Monica (the contact for our builder at Sims-Lohman) showed us our cabinet picks in a mock kitchen, and then took us out back to choose our granite slabs. There were a few to choose from, one had a huge blemish in it that we were actually ok with, but then she took us to see the other grouping and we liked that even more. It had very few blemishes and looked absolutely beautiful.

White Ornamental Granite

This is our slab, along with the one behind it. Monica had started to go over how to keep it looking nice once installed, but I have actually done my homework on this and have already purchased the cleaner, sealer, polisher to keep it looking beautiful after we move in. She was impressed and very happy that I had looked into it.

In other house news, they just poured the garage and basement slabs yesterday. It was nice and sunny out when they poured it (I couldn’t get a great pic because I didn’t want to be in the way), and then in the afternoon…IT SNOWED! Ugh, I hope it sets ok.

Pouring the basement slab!

Another thing that happened yesterday was a bit of “drama”. The brick choice that we made is a newer brick addition at the design center. In our community we were only the 2nd house to choose that brick and in the sample the design center had, there wasn’t anything super crazy textured on it. There were little dimples here and there but that was it.

Reminder of sample piece at design center

Well….they put the brick up at the house a couple down from ours and the owner HATES it. It has these “holes” in the brick in places that he wasn’t aware of and feels like he was lied to about the brick. He wanted Jarrod to tear off the brick and replace it with a different choice. Susan called me yesterday afternoon and told me the issue and had me go look at the brick up close to see if I still liked it and that if I didn’t they would let me go to the design center to pick out a different brick.

Oak Reserve brick on house

From far away you can’t even tell that the brick has these “holes”. It’s really only up close that you start to see them, and honestly, I don’t hate them and neither does Jesse. I sent Jesse the pictures of it and asked if he still liked it and he said yes, so I told Susan that we didn’t want to change our brick but that the design center may want to get a better sample that shows the holes so that people aren’t caught off-guard in the future. I can see how the guy is pissed about this. The sample DOESN’T show those marks all.

Pretty soon they will start framing on our house!! I’m so incredibly excited for it to start looking like a real house. Once framing gets going I’ll start taking some videos.

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