Um, WHAT?!

As I was driving Rylie to preschool this morning I debated about whether or not I should pop on over to our lot to see if anything was going on. Why? It was super cold out and it was snowing. I decided “I’ll go over there anyways, I would like to get a picture of the foundation if I can”. As I’m heading in there, I see a TON of activity on our street and a truck with lumber on it backing up onto our lot. THEY WERE DROPPING OFF LUMBER!!!! Workers were there getting everything going and had already put up a few sections.

8:45am on 3/14/18

They had a little fire going on the side, I assume to go to to get warm. I dunno. Whatever helps I guess!

This afternoon when I picked up Rylie from school I told her they were framing and she wanted to go see. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my phone so I didn’t get a picture but then Susan came to my rescue and sent a picture to me at 1pm.

To say I was impressed with their work is an understatement.

At 3:30pm I decided to go to Kroger to get some pie since it’s Pi Day, and said “what the heck, let’s go by again!”  Yes, I’m a little obsessed. I also wanted to ask the guys if I could bring them coffee tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, they were leaving as I was getting there so I couldn’t ask. Think I’m going to anyways.

I haven’t worked up the guts to just go in there like I own the place. I will eventually….I need to work myself up to it. I am just afraid of getting in the way. I’m sure they deal with the home owners going in a lot, but I also don’t want to accidentally disturb something and cause mayhem. Gosh, that would suck.

I can’t wait to see how it looks tomorrow!!!

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