2nd Floor Done!!

There’s so much activity on our lot now, it’s amazing! As of yesterday they had the 2nd floor mostly finished.

I was able to walk around upstairs and I got a little giddy about it. Right now everything looks super small, which I’ve heard that from a few people so far. It’s an illusion, really.

We stopped by there today to see if anything was happening at the house and I couldn’t see much. They had worked on a couple trusses that were laying on the ground, but that’s it. Think those will most likely go up on Monday if everything goes well!

I can’t wait until the roof gets done! It’s going to be such a hard time waiting for everything to finish. Once we get to our pre-drywall meeting we’ll figure out our closing date so Jesse can get TMO scheduled and I can let my in-laws know when we’ll need them to be here to help watch the girls during moving/cleaning of the rental house.

I think I might hire someone to clean the rental house for me. It might be easier and less stressful for me that way. We’ll see.

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