An Utter Mess

Well…it snowed here 2 days ago and it created an UTTER MESS in our house. They didn’t get the roof completely done in time (apparently it was too icy so they started framing the house behind us…i’m still not happy about that) so basically our whole 2nd floor ended up with snow and then it melted…..and now water is all over the first floor too. I only got pictures of the 1st floor, as I really didn’t want to try to brave going up the steps with water/ice everywhere.

Garage is a watery, muddy mess.
Dining Room (Flex Room) isn’t too bad.
This is the worst of it, by the stairs to the 2nd level
Stairs have snow/ice on them, and more of the water in our Great Room.
Water in our kitchen.
Stairs to the basement are a muddy mess.
Another angle of the Great Room.

My heart dropped when I walked in there yesterday. I have already talked with Jarrod and he said if anything is damaged it will obviously be replaced.

Lately I’ve only been stopping by around 4:30pm because I can roam around without getting in anyone’s way, but today I stopped by after taking Rylie to preschool and seen they were wrapping the house and putting the shingles on the roof. YAY!

I can’t believe how quickly it became a house! There are some other concerns Jesse has, mostly why they used “scrap wood” for the roof. If you look closely right above the garage you can see a few holes. He’s concerned with how they are going to patch them so I sent him Jarrod’s cell number so he could talk to him about it. We’ll see what he says.

I think we’re looking at another 30 days or so until our pre-drywall meeting. We have to get through the mechanical stage (electrical, plumbing, hvac, etc) and then framing inspections/etc before that can occur. It’s just a waiting game now and most stuff isn’t going to be a lot different, except when they install the windows and the door which should be in a couple days I believe.

I might not stop by every day while we’re in the mechanical stage. Maybe just once a week unless they need me to be there for something.

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