We Have Windows!

A lot has been happening at the Bentley and I’m so excited to share the progress on our home!

She has windows and a front door on!!! How exciting is that?! Granted, there’s no knobs on the door just yet, but we’ll get there. I couldn’t get a picture from my usual spot because workers were there digging a hole for some reason. I didn’t ask, just sorta waved and strolled on in to the house. Today was the first time the girls went in with me.

As it’s labeled, this is where the fridge is going. There’s an ice-maker rough in and all that fun stuff. This photo also gives you a good view of the “flex room” which is going to be our dining room.

Recessed lighting in the kitchen. I’m so happy I decided to push for recessed lighting here. It’s going to look so good in here!

Our sliding glass door that will lead to our deck and patio. You can see the house that was started just after ours. I’m kind of irked that they have almost all the windows on theirs, meanwhile there are still windows in our home that haven’t been put up yet.

As far as an update about the snow being in our house and everything, most of it has FINALLY melted. The upstairs is pretty dirty now because of it, and let’s not even talk about this basement. Yikes! So much water everywhere!

The updates will probably be happening less frequently now. I only plan on stopping by there once a week while we are in the mechanical phase because this part tends to be long and torturous. Hopefully at the end of April we’ll have our pre-drywall meeting and will be finding out our closing date! FX!

2 thoughts on “We Have Windows!

  1. I’ve been seeing couple online friends building houses, and that must be such an exciting experience. Did you guys take part in the planning of it as well, or was the production taken on by the company? I feel like getting to plan the house itself would be so cool but at the same time way too much stress and work for me. Hahaha.
    Hope it’ll finish soon!


    1. We picked out the floor plan and all of the things we wanted inside like the appliances, etc. We didn’t get everything we wanted, but came very close to what we wanted. The company did the rest and built the blueprints, etc.


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