Drywall Has Been Hung!

I decided to take the girls before lunch for a little drive and of course, stopped by the house. I wasn’t wearing my boots because I didn’t expect anything to really have been done inside. Boy, was I wrong!!


I pulled up and seen the garage had been dry-walled and I squealed.

The guys were just getting done when I got there so I asked if I could look around and he said “Go for it!”. Nails were EVERYWHERE.

Great Room

Everything looks so good! It really makes it look different in there once all the wiring/framing gets covered up. There’s still an issue in our master bathroom shower that I’m surprised hasn’t been fixed yet. There’s supposed to be a lip at the bottom on the floor that the tile wraps around. Still isn’t in yet and he talked about it LAST Friday at our pre-drywall meeting.

Master Shower

It’s incredibly exciting to see everything coming together!! Still no brick up on the front of the house. I’ve asked Jarrod and he said       .

I have to make some calls later today about getting blinds installed. We didn’t choose blinds at the design center because they were WAY overpriced, so Susan gave us a guy’s card and said he does a great job and did her blinds on her house (she chose to build her house in the neighborhood!). Hopefully it won’t be an arm and a leg. We don’t have a ton of windows, so it shouldn’t be super expensive.

I’m also going to slowly start going through our things and tossing/donating/recycling things we no longer need or want. I need to buy a few tote bins for things like cleaning supplies/food/etc. The Air Force will be moving us since this is considered a PCS for Jesse, so certain things I don’t want them to take or they won’t pack up.

We’re only 6 weeks away to closing!!!

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