It Took Me A Minute

I pulled up to the house on Friday and went “huh, something’s different” but I couldn’t figure it out for a good minute before I realized it.

The garage door had been put on! They had everything sealed up really well in there because they did the mudding for the dry-wall.

It looks so much different now! Actual walls! All the guts are hidden.

Rylie had some fun posing. I kept having to remind her not to touch the walls. Also, don’t judge on the outfit, she picked it out herself, okay? And of course, the dress is on backwards.

Jarrod said drywall could take a week or two, but I honestly think they only need 1-2 more days to complete it. I think I’ve said this before, but our house is super easy compared to some of their floor plans. We have a very basic layout without too much fluffy stuff to do, so this job for them is easy peasy. They just have to sand everything down, texture the ceiling, and then they can move on to the really fun stuff….putting in all the cabinets!!! I cannot wait until they get to that part.

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