The Brick Is Up!

It was a wonderful sight to behold this week! They were putting up the brick! I have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever. I couldn’t wait to see the brick on our house.

I went by as they were finishing up later in the day and told them how wonderful it looks. They did a fantastic job. We have very little brick on our house to begin with, but it looks amazing.

From what I could tell, we didn’t have any of those pockets on our brick like the other house did. I don’t know if we got lucky or what. I’ll take it though!

As far as the inside of the house goes. They textured the ceiling in all the rooms and did some sort of texture on the walls in the garage.

Also, the flooring had something done to them. There is a rectangle pattern as shown below all throughout the house. You can clearly see the screws that they added, so Jesse was wondering if it was some sort of glue.

They still have yet to add the wood to the shower…I have no clue when they plan on doing that.

Still hoping we close at the end of May, but since we’re officially on the schedule for June 7th I’ve had Jesse put in for TMO for June 9th. Let’s hope we’ve scheduled it with enough time to get the date we want. I told Jesse I’m not waiting forever to move in, plus we only have his parents for a week or so in June. We NEED to be able to have them here for when we move. Because trying to unpack with 2 kids with no babysitter would just not be fun.

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