Le Sigh

On Tuesday they delivered all the cabinetry, inner doors, trim, siding, etc.

Wednesday they started installing it. The crew was there for quite a while hanging doors, doing trim, installing the stair railings, and hanging the cabinets/putting the island together and the siding guy had started at the back of the house hanging the siding.


The siding guy was just getting started at 4:30pm and said he was going to get something to drink and he would be back to start. Ok….sure.

When I went on Thursday morning I expected to see the siding guy out and going when I got there at 9am to meet the people who will be doing our blinds (they needed to measure our windows and the patio door). It was deserted and I had officially been locked out. I had a moment of “Oh no! What am I going to do!” Rylie, Taryn and I took a walk to the back to check out how far the siding guy had got on our house while I pondered what to do.

He got a bit done and so I wandered around looking at it. It was then that I realized the patio door wasn’t locked. I opened it up and let Rylie in, then climbed my butt into the house too (I was wearing Taryn in a buckle carrier).

We unlocked the front door so the guys could come in to measure (boy was that an adventure….) and I looked around some more. There’s a few dings in places already but I left happy. I should have looked closer at the cabinets.

Friday I stopped by the house after picking Rylie up from school and seen that Jarrod was there. I said hi and asked if I could go in and he said it was ok. I went in and took a closer look at the cabinetry. They hung all of the doors really off. It looks bad.

These are just 2 pictures, but ALL OF THEM are like this. Why do something half assed like this? Why not just hang it right the first time?! I was incredibly annoyed by this, and so was Jesse when he seen the pictures.

No one had been there on Thursday, and Friday they hadn’t really done much either. As I was walking out, I unfortunately stepped on a nail and ruined my new shoes. It was my fault for walking around there in flats.

Don’t worry, I went and got a tetanus booster.

While my foot was busy bleeding into my shoe, Jarrod waved me over to talk with him. He was on his lunch break (eating in his car) but he let me know what was going on with some stuff on the house. He mentioned that Thursday Rite Rug was supposed to be there to install my carpet but they are really behind. This is going to delay closing to mid-June. UGH. I knew this was going to happen. Apparently next week I should hear from Wendy on an official closing date and when my walk-through is. I also let him know about the cabinets, which he said they would definitely not be left like that and would be fixed. Obviously I know that, but is it really that hard to just take the extra time to do it right in the first place?

He also mentioned my brick and the drama that happened with the guy a couple houses down from us. Apparently the brick the guy got down the street was a bad batch. I had mentioned that I thought we got lucky with our brick, but nope…we got the correct brick. They had to send someone out to the other guy’s house to patch everything up. I guess they ended up giving him a lifetime warranty on his brick due to that.

Next week they are going to pour our driveway and patio. I’m very very excited for that! Also, apparently Sims-Lohman was out at the house on Friday measuring for our granite. I assume that is why the cabinet guys rushed through the cabinet job.

All in all, things are going really well. There aren’t too many issues right now other than a ding in the wall in the stairway and the cabinets. If there are other issues, I don’t know enough about it to know there is one. Jesse and I have talked about getting a third party inspector for our final walk-through to catch any issues that I’m not going to be able to catch. I need to find one now once I get the call from Wendy.

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