Taryn’s 16 Month Update

I think I’ve mentioned briefly about Taryn having some weight issues. This has been going on since around 7 months old. She was doing really really well with her growth chart, and then once she started solids, she just stopped gaining weight. I had mentioned before how she wasn’t pooping like she normally was and it was really hard and dark in color. They told me to give her prune juice and left it at that.

Fast forward to yesterday’s appointment. She lost weight again. You can imagine how lost for words I was. She’s been eating good most days (although nowhere near where she should be at this point). This was a new doctor we’ve not seen before, so he asked me a million questions about her. He then asked about how often she poops, what they look like, etc. I told him everything I’ve told the others prior to seeing him and he goes “I need to do a rectal exam”. UGH. It sucks, but he has to see if she’s distended or anything in there. He said she had REALLY hard poop up in there and we needed to be aggressive at getting it all out of her. He basically explained that she probably is hungry, but doesn’t want to eat because the poop is making her tummy hurt and so she associates eating with her tummy hurting. Poor thing.

We were prescribed a fleet enema (give half today, give half tomorrow) along with Miralax every day for a week. I have no clue how I’m going to get her to drink the full 8 ounces each day. She rarely drinks that. She mostly wants breastmilk, which I’m not making much of these days. However, I gave her the enema this morning after breakfast and within 2 minutes she was pooping. IT WAS SO MUCH. I couldn’t believe just how much she had up in there. It was crazy. She probably has more in there that will come out as she drinks her Miralax water, and I assume it will be the same tomorrow with her 2nd enema. I feel so bad for her, but we gotta get the poop out of her, otherwise they may take more drastic measures.

Here’s to hoping things get better! More house updates coming soon!

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