My Kitchen Granite!

Over the past couple of days crews have been busy working on tile for the shower as well as flooring. I was expecting to possibly see carpet in the house today but instead I walked in to GRANITE countertops in the kitchen!!!!!

I started to drool. Seriously, this kitchen is everything I have ever hoped to have in our house. 

This white ornamental granite looks BEAUTIFUL and once they uncover the LVT on the floor….AAAAH! I can’t wait to see it altogether when it’s all finished.

They have the flooring covered with cardboard right now so nothing happens to it.

There’s a little sneak peak for ya. You’ll notice a gray theme all throughout the home.

Upstairs, the master shower is all done being tiled. It looks gorgeous!

They put one teeny little soap bar in. LOL. Oh well, we’ll mostly use the bench for storage anyways so it won’t matter much.

The girl’s bath has also been done.

Obviously the vinyl flooring will be cut and all that good stuff. The siding guy is also making slow but good progress on everything.

This Cape Cod Gray siding is everything I hoped it would be. It looks so pretty!

I need to look at my phone’s camera to see what is up with it lately. It’s like I think I’ll take the picture nice and straight and then it will be off. Very strange.

Our final walkthrough is on June 11th and our closing date is June 15th. We’ve signed up to have TMO come pack us on the 16th. EEEEH! It will be here before we know it!

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