Prepping the Driveway

Yesterday when I arrived at the house to check things out, they were prepping the driveway/sidewalk! I was so excited to see that! They were also prepping for our back porch and Long Electric was there putting the electrical outlets together with the face plates and the lighting fixtures up. Pretty soon we may have lighting in there!!!

Our kitchen island with the legs/trim finally on! It looks so good! I hope when they cut out those squares for the legs that they didn’t nick the flooring. 

The back of the house is looking good! You can see where they prepped for the patio. And, a broken fan. LOL

Font of the house is looking great! They poured the front patio and were prepping for the sidewalk and driveway. I assume they will pour today or tomorrow once the long electric guy is done with his work.

Our master bath got the vanity installed today along with the electrical outlets installed. The guy was just going in there as I was leaving to put the face plates on. 

The doors to the master bathroom. Those double doors are everything. 

Doors to the laundry closet. I hate that type, but maybe we can think of a different solution later on.

I’ve started prepping for moving. Mostly just taking a look at what we can keep and what we can throw away or donate. We’ve collected quite a bit of stuff from our last move, and not for the better.

Hopefully later on today I can get to the house to see more of what they’ve done on the inside (or maybe see them pouring our driveway).

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