Being Too Harsh?!

This past week there has been a flurry of activity at the house. Long Electric has been busy installing everything for the lighting and electrical outlets/etc and well….to say I’m disappointed is putting it lightly. I walked into the master bathroom and saw this…

The sub-contractor must know that I’m not going to let this fly. WHY wouldn’t he just take the extra 5 minutes to make sure they are both straight and level with each other from the beginning?! All he’s doing is creating more work for himself.

This is the 2nd time someone has cut corners and hung something off (1st time being the cabinet doors). I’m afraid to think of who else might have cut corners….am I being to harsh? I should wait for the criticism to come when I do my walk-through…..right?

In other news, our a/c unit and water heater were installed.

As well as our security panel and our thermostat panel.

The porcelain thrones have been installed along with other plumbing stuff like all the faucets.

And today when I stopped by she had the columns built on the front porch.

We didn’t get the move out date we wanted with TMO (due to it being a weekend) so we had to settle for June 18th. I figure after closing I’ll take that weekend to start moving some things in that they won’t move or that I don’t want them moving.

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