Almost There!

Can I just say, I am so happy with how everything is looking now! Look at this beauty, she’ll be ours soon!

Today they painted the door, added the door handle and deadbolt lock. Inside they’ve been working on patching scuffs/dents/mistakes.

There are still some things I’m not incredibly happy with, that will hopefully be fixed by walk-through time.

One thing I think the electrician completely skipped was installing all the GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Hopefully that’s already on their list, but if not I’ll be bringing it up at walk-through.

Another thing they need to finish is the sump pump area. All the rocks/dirt need to be cleared away and cement needs to be poured around it.

The deck and porch were also done May 25th.

We plan on doing something a little bit….better, eventually. For now this will do.

They put the carpet in on May 30th. It looks good in there now!!! This carpet is in the great room along with all the rooms upstairs.

Most of the lights are working. There were a few lights that weren’t on, so I’m sure that’s in the list of things to fix as well.

They also installed all the shelves for the pantry and the closets.

The master shower glass door was installed. It looks SO BEAUTIFUL! (Yes, the photo is blurry, sorry!)

And the last big thing to be installed were the kitchen appliances! I may have scared a worker when I walked in, seen them, and squealed.

I cannot wait to see everything all cleaned up and looking nice!!!

Landscaping is scheduled for Tuesday. We received a call yesterday from the landscape contractor asking if we wanted to completely sod our back yard. I wanted to, but Jesse was on the fence and decided he didn’t want to, so we’ll have to deal with seed after 5 feet in our backyard. Hopefully grass will fill in quickly back there.

9 more days until our walk-through and 13 more days until closing!!! It’s getting REAL!

2 thoughts on “Almost There!

    1. They do, but I think it might be cheaper for you to go through someone else. I know a few people in the neighborhood who have done that because Inverness really inflated the price. We paid for a small patio size and due to our grade we actually got a tiny deck free that they just plopped over it. Bad thing is it’s not sanded down or anything.


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